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The Flavian Project

Sunshine Hydro's Superhybrid™ pumped hydro project is planned at a location between Forestry Road and Blackman's Gap Road, Colosseum, near Miriam Vale in Central Queensland.

The Flavian project will create and connect two water bodies with underground hydroelectricity equipment to generate hydropower.

Land has been secured and project planning is underway. The project will need a range of approvals and development applications are being prepared. 

In August 2022, the project was re-named with an Indigenous name in the local traditional owner language. The Indigenous name for the project is Djandori gung-i, which means ‘spirit in the water’.


This symbolises traditional links to the area, while referencing the use of water within the pumped hydro renewable energy system.

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Flavian pumped hydro project elements

Onsite energy production

The Flavian pumped hydro project is planned to include the following onsite elements: 

  • upper and lower water reservoir

  • underground pipe connecting the two water reservoirs

  • pumping equipment

  • energy generating equipment, including underground hydro turbines

  • electricity connections, including inbound and outbound transmission infrastructure and lines

  • underground water pipeline to the site from an independent water source

Sunshine Hydro is not proposing to include other onsite infrastructure, such as:

  • wind energy generation

  • solar energy generation

We are proposing to deliver renewable energy into our pumped hydro project; however, these energy sources will not be onsite or located nearby. 

Offsite infrastructure ​

Offsite infrastructure works will likely be required to support the project, which will bring additional local community benefits. 

All infrastructure requirements will be confirmed in the coming months as more detailed planning is undertaken and a Development Application is prepared. 

Project footprint

The project is proposed on land located between Forestry Road and Blackman’s Gap Road at Colosseum, near Miriam Vale. At this early stage of planning and design, we have preliminary layout concepts.

The detailed project layout will be shared when this is further developed, and closer to what we will propose through a future Development Application. 

We are targeting the preparation of project development applications in 2023.

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